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Why we started this Company and Why it could just save your life!

When Top Business Coach Paul Avins suffered a near fatal Asthma attack in August 2014, resulting in his heart stopping for four and a half minutes, it was an amazing Oxfordshire paramedic team that came to his rescue and changed the course of his life and the business forever.

“If it hadn’t been for that highly skilled and professional paramedic team I would not be alive today” said Paul “as less than 5% of people survive an ‘at home’ cardiac event, it’s that serious.”

But this event was the catalyst that took Paul in a different direction with his career and a decision to focus on helping his coaching client’s recruit, lead and build high performing teams.

“I realised I needed to shift from my coaching business being all about me to about building my own team (we) and tools all under a new independent brand.” Paul chose to create a new brand that captured his love of living and working in Oxfordshire for the last 14 years and his belief that once you understand the different type of people on your team, you can unlock more of their potential

So, Team Dynamics was born with a mission to help companies around the world to Tap into the Talents of their People to boost Performance, Productivity and Profitability, the lifeblood of any company.

In fact, the direct and indirect cost to businesses of having the wrong people in the company or team who are not aligned with their talents and “flow” can be staggering. Flow is often defined as being in “the zone” or that area between anxiety and boredom. It’s when everything you do seems easy and effortless and you get a lot achieved quickly. We bet you’ve experienced days like this, and days when everything felt like you were pushing water uphill with a fork!

Well a recent survey by Wolverhampton Business School recently found that absenteeism is costing the UK economy a staggering £32 billion a year, and is higher when people feel “stressed” or undervalued, isolated, and not part of a team. In short when they feel out of “flow”.

This was further backed up by Oxford Economics releasing a report a few years ago on the costs of staff turnover saying that while firms understood that losing staff is a key risk to their success, the financial cost of staff turnover has received little if any attention. Rather like Paul with his Asthma, he never though it could nearly kill him so he paid it little or no attention, after all he had a blue emergency inhaler so everything would be fine…wouldn’t it?

The report also worked out the loss of an employee earning £25,000 a year or more carries an average financial impact on a business of £30,614 but can be significantly high in highly skilled sectors like the legal profession, IT and accountancy.

In fact, 46% of employees surveyed stated that “a lack of transparent Leadership communication” was driving them to seek new employment – Source Deloitte Development.

So this is a real problem for UK Companies and businesses around the world where there are high levels of employment and expensive living costs.

So how does Team Dynamics plan on helping businesses address these key challenges?

“Well, we started by identifying a proven tool to help us work with Teams to accelerate Trust and Transparency, factors critical to success and high performance. When we looked into Talent Dynamics everything just clicked” said Lesley Dearing, Operation Manager and Trader Profile.

“In fact we became a customer first, using the profiling tool on ourselves as we were sceptical, but the results were immediate, positive and profound. Our profile reports and debriefs really helped us understand each other’s talents and how best to use them within the company to deliver the most value to our customers.”

Shortly after seeing significant results with Paul’s Coaching clients and his own team he decided to become a Global Partner for Entrepreneurs Institute the creators of Talent Dynamics.

Today after just 24 months Team Dynamics are the No1 Global Partner in the World with clients across the UK and Internationally.

“We’ve been blessed to work with some amazing teams from a wide range of industries including Construction, Retail, Accountancy, Garden Design, IT Services, Security, Software, Manufacturing, Care Homes, Hairdressing, Property, Motor Industry, Opticians, Recruitment, Healthcare and Publishing to name a few.” said newest member of the Team Dynamics’ team Nicky Reynolds and Supporter Profile.

“What’s great is that the Model we have created for unlocking a Leadership and Team performance works across any industry as it’s all about the people. We always say to clients that the Profile is the first 10% of the value, it’s when you apply it across all areas of the business that you see trust grow, communication improve, staff turnover reduce, ownership and accountability increase and productivity and performance skyrocket.” In today’s demanding and fast moving digitally driven economy where a team can be local or global, insourced or outsourced, where the ‘giging economy’ means teams more than ever come in all shapes and sizes, we still need to learn to work together with different people.

The best companies understand that their people are their key assets so they recruit, reward and retain the best Talent they can find.

Team Dynamics is here to turn those talented people into high performing Leaders and Teams that can grow a business or perhaps, if needed, even save a life.

To talk to one of our friendly team call 01869 278900 or email team@teamdynamics.com or why not book your place on one of our Free Discovery Sessions?