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Over 500,000 Profiles Reveal…

…Most Business Teams Are Not Harnessing Their Talents

46% of employees stated that “a lack of transparent leadership communication” is driving them to seek new employment – so learning how to lead yourself and your team is a critical success skill.

Your competition are stealing your best talented team members while you are working longer hours for less money and less free time because you didn’t learn how to manage and motivate them.

Payroll is one of the largest expenses a company has to fund every month, regardless of performance, yet most people admit to operating at about 50% of their capacity.

If Your Business Is Under-Performing, Then

How much is your company losing every month by not taking action to fix this critical problem?

“Building a High Performing Team in Your Company is the No1 Competitive Advantage you have and the Key to Building a Business that runs without you.”

- Paul Avins

What if there was a way to Build Your Business and Your Team without feeling you were firefighting every day and spending time doing jobs you really don’t enjoy

  • Understand your own Talent Dynamics’ Profile to help you see where you should be spending your time to get the best returns for your business, and why you get ‘frustrated’

  • Know how to build high performing and highly productive teams who want to work hard and deliver great service and support to customers, and make coming to work a joy for everybody

  • Reduce your recruitment risks and costs by making sure the candidate is the right profile for the role and will be a great fit to your existing team and not an expensive experiment

  • Learn how to manage the different personalities and profiles on your team so they feel personally understood, become positively productive and enjoy being held accountable for their actions

  • Increase your team’s engagement and enjoyment at work so that they stay with the company for longer, reducing staff turnover stresses and building a culture of commitment and confidence

  • 79% of highly engaged employees have trust and confidence in their leaders – global workforce study

What is a Talent Dynamics’ Profile and Debrief Session?

Talent Dynamics is the worlds No1 Business Development Pathway for Accelerating Trust and Flow in Individuals, Teams and Companies. Taking your profile is the first step to gaining far deeper understanding about your own Talents and how to be In Flow more often so that you can achieve far great results without the need to work harder.

It will also help you to understand Who you need around you to build a High Performing Team that Trust you and each other, as well as helping you to recognise the areas you’ll find the most challenging so you can get the right support to grow.

The session last 45 minutes and is conducted over the phone or via our Video conference tools like Zoom or Skype whichever is best for you. All you need to have to hand is a copy of the PDF report you will be sent when you take your test.

£50 from the investment you make in this coaching session goes to help feed children in Africa through our partnership with the CoCo Foundation. To date we have fed over 2,800 children and our goal is to feed over 10,000 starving children a year….you can be a part of making that happen.


Look What One Business Owner and Teacher Said After He Took The Profile…

“I was apprehensive when I was first introduced to Talent Dynamics as I had not come across it before. I used myself as a test case and vowed to answer all the question honestly and the results amazed me! They were spot on, and insightful. I then decided to use Talent Dynamics on some of my team and it soon made me realise why sometimes I struggled with their results. I was regularly trying to take them where I wanted them to go in their roles and not where their natural talents would be best used. Once I discovered their true strengths I could finally put the right people in the right roles.

The investment in Talent Dynamics pays for itself many times over, saving you time and energy whilst resulting in a far more productive and happy team.”

Ken West
Director Of Education
365 Salon Success


“If you want to accelerate your rate of achievement rapidly, you must search out and vigorously employ new behaviours and beliefs”

- Price Pritchett, PH.D

Talent Dynamics Explained : What Are The 4 Energies?

What they need
Growth and Significance
How to talk to them
Visually, Fast, High Level and Energy
What question they ask
What? What’s the Next idea?
How to communicate
Big picture, future thinking, Sell Visions of Success... make it about THEM
Best job roles
Strategy & Blue Sky thinking, New Biz Sales, Speaking, Product Development
Stress Inducers
Routine & repetitive tasks. Detail work for long periods, project management, proof reading, finances, being on time!
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What they need
Variety – they get bored easily!
How to talk to them
Lots of stories, chatty, friendly, engage
What question they ask
Who? Who else is involved?
How to communicate
Who else is involved, social proof, team focus, talk about people and fun
Best job roles
Team leaders or managers, networking, marketing, joint ventures, PR
Stress Inducers
Working alone for long periods, spreadsheets, technology, data processing and reporting, financial management, public speaking
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What they need
Connection & Contact
How to talk to them
Kinesthetic, let them experience it to see it and buy into it
What question they ask
When? When will it be ready?
How to communicate
Timely, deliver when you say you will
Best job roles
Customer Service, Event Organising, time keeping, diary mgmt, research
Stress Inducers
Being late, chaos & change, not listening to their concerns, ignoring their objections, blue sky thinking, long term planning
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What they need
Security & Systems
How to talk to them
Spreadsheets, Data, Lots of Detail
What question they ask
How? How Much? How Many?
How to communicate
Focus on Tasks, Numbers and ROI
Best job roles
Financial Control, proof reading, systems mgmt, reporting, analysis, back office
Stress Inducers
People Management, In-person Selling, Team Conflict, Networking, Negotiation, Recruitment and lot of Interviewing!
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Buying Into The Myth That You Must Be Good At Everything To Be Successful Will Stop You Recognising Your True Talents and Value. When You Finally Know How To Tap Into Your Unique Talents, Your Success Will Flow And Your Results Will Grow.

It Always Costs You More to Do Nothing than to Do The Right Thing and Take Fast Action

  • Your best employees are always the first to leave when their unique talents are not recognised, harnessed and celebrated

  • The cost of replacing an average team member is estimated to be between £25,000-30,000 when you factor in downtime, opportunity costs and recruitment fees

  • When you force yourself to go against your Flow, you generate Stress, Worry and Exhaustion.  Ultimately any success you achieve will never be fulfilling or sustainable

  • 46% of employees stated that “a lack of transparent leadership communication” is driving them to see new employment – Source Deloitte Development



“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”

- Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder

Talent Dynamics is a vital part of our interviewing process.  We already gauge skills and experience, but now we have further insight into our applicants natural Flow that fits the current team.  Without Talent Dynamics you don’t have the right energy heading in the same direction which is critical for a business looking to grow and why we use it with all our clients when recruiting.

 - Angela Warner MIRP, MD Gotcha Recruitment

Team Dynamics allowed us to understand the team we had and where they were best positioned within the company, what made them tick and why they were the way they were. This understanding allowed us to re-structure the entire team to create a harmonised work force and to increase productivity at least 200% in a very short space of time. The difference was amazing!

- Adam Gildersleeve, (MD) Latent Light Ltd

What Talent Dynamics brings to a team is the insight to make sure that everybody in a business is clear and happy about which part they have to play in building lifetime customer trust.

As a business team tool, it gives permission for us to realise what we are good at and build on those strengths. But as a selling tool it is priceless. If we can understand what and how our valued customers are In Flow too, then we can make sure that their experience with us is bespoke and personalised to help them be their best.

- Amanda Downs, The Sales Expert

When I met Paul Avins, he introduced me to Talent Dynamics. It turned out to be a “crystal ball” that allowed me to look inside my own head and find out what I was hard-wired to do best! The next step was to take Talent Dynamics into my businesses and it transformed them more than I could ever have hoped for.

- Greg Christie, Lifestyle Salons (MD)


The Trusted Team Dynamics’ Unique 100% Triple Guarantee

We know you live in a world full of Marketing Hype and Sales Promises that never get delivered on… That’s why we are different!

But talk is cheap and some text on websites is easy to write, you have to live up to  the promises you make.

That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee on ALL of our Team Training Days, Individual Talent Dynamics’ Profile Debrief Sessions and our Unique Team Acceleration Training and Leadership Courses.

If after having experienced any of our powerful programs, you are not 100% happy that you’ve received take away Value that enables you to Triple your Return on Investment in the following 12 months, we’ll re-engage with you until you do at OUR expense