Meet Team Purple – your growth accelerators.


There is a great line in Jim Collins’ book Good to Great where he says “First who, then what…”

We’ve always believed that sustainable success will evade you if you haven’t got the right people on your team. Over the last 10 years, Team Purple, as we call ourselves, has moved through various business models and brands, some successful, some less so. Whatever we’ve done, at the core, we’ve had a passion to serve and support our amazing business owners who are building their dreams.

Today we are blessed to have all 4 of the Talent Dynamics’ Energies covered.

Paul is the Driving Dynamo, Lesley is a Tick Box Tempo, Becky brings the Strong Steel of her Lord profile for us all to lean on and Jo and Matt bring the Relationships with their buckets of Blaze energy.



Paul Avins

Chief Growth Strategist

Lesley Dearing

Operations Manager

Becky Tegg

Events and Marketing Manager