Introduction to Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics is the worlds No1 Business Development Pathway for Accelerating Trust and Flow in Individuals, Teams and Companies. Taking your profile is the first step to gaining far deeper understanding about your own Talents and how to be In Flow more often so that you can achieve far great results without the need to work harder.

Team Dynamics and the Creator Profile

Creators are the best at getting things started, and although they can be quick to create chaos, they can also be surprisingly creative at finding ways out of chaos. Always put them in charge of new projects but move them on to the next creation once their job is done.

Team Dynamics and the Star Profile

Stars are the best promoters and need to lead from the front. Give them the chance to shine and give them the space to deliver results without tying them down. Give them the support and encouragement, and they will be the best spokesperson for the group. Discourage them, and they will be the biggest critic

Team Dynamics and the Supporter Profile

Supporters are often the best leaders, but don’t expect them to come up with the plan themselves. Build a plan and set the goals with a Supporter, and then let them lead the team towards the plan. Let them set their own management style, and their own agenda. Always give them an environment of fun, variety and celebration if you want them to perform at their best.

Team Dynamics and the Deal Maker Profile

Deal Makers are the best peacemakers and will leave everyone feeling good. Don’t expect them to go out cold calling, as they thrive on building the relationships they have. Work with Deal Makers to nurture the relationships within the team and, when things get too hot in the team, Deal Makers will cool it down.

Team Dynamics and the Trader Profile

Traders are often your best negotiators, as they are looking for balance and fairness. They will always get you the best price, in both what you buy and what you sell. Traders will have their ear to the ground in your market and your team, and they will always look for harmony and equality in the team.

Team Dynamics and the Accumulator Profile

Accumulators are your best ambassadors. They are reliable, get things done on time, and don’t make rash decisions. Accumulators make the best project managers, when a task or a project needs to be delivered reliably on time and budget. They are the reliable organisers in the team.

Team Dynamics and the Lord Profile

Lords are your best analysts. Give them the space to study the detail, and to deliver the data. Don’t ask them to go out and network, as they are strongest when focused behind the scenes. When you need to keep count or keep score, give the job to a Lord and they will always be the most reliable to keep track.

Team Dynamics and the Mechanic Profile

Mechanics are your best completers. They will wrap up the process and find smart ways to do it better next time. Don’t ask a mechanic to start from scratch but do give them an existing process or product to improve on. They work fine on their own and often find social situations uncomfortable.